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12pcs Assorted Dinosaur Fossil Skeleton Figures Kids Toy

12pcs Assorted Dinosaur Fossil Skeleton Figures Kids Toy

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This item is a set of 12pcs dinosaurs children toy such as
atyrannosaurus,  stegosaurus, triceratops, utahraptor, pterosaur and spinosaurus etc. It is not only a great toy for kids to play, but also a nice decoration in the room.


- Color: Light olive.
- Material: PVC.
- Length: Approx. 7-9.8cm.

- Feature the skeletal structure of the prehistoric beast
- This collection of toy dinosaurs provides hours of educational fun.
- 12 different dinosaurs ,including supersaurus, duck-billed dinosaur, tyrannosaurus, sail back dinosaur, stegosaurus, doublecrowndinosaurs, parasaurolophus, styracosaurus, brachiosaurus, pterosaur, triceratops, pachycephalosaur.

- Each animal can stand alone with its typical posture, allowing you to place it anywhere for decoration.
- Great for your collection or inspiring your child's mind and imagination.